Why La Loba?

La Loba by Almariita at Deviant Art

La Loba by Almariita at Deviant Art

Do you know the story of La Loba? La Loba lives in the high desert, in the low desert, along river banks, and in all the wild, terrible, beautiful spaces of la tierra. She is the one who brings sacred, buried things back to life. Her work is to unearth and collect the bones, the treasures that are no longer visible to the naked eye. When she has all the pieces of a buried criatura assembled, she uses her breath and her voice to coax and guide them into resurrection.

In my work, I see women and all gente who can get pregnant, in some of the most vulnerable and some of the most powerful moments of their lives. I witness and stand with them as they make some of the most difficult decisions of their lives. I hold space for them through the transitions of planned loss, pregnancy, and unplanned loss. I guide and support them as they journey through the beautiful and painful transformations that come with creating new life. I see women and all birthing people, in hospital rooms, in birth centers, and in their homes. I also see behind the curtain of writing health policies through research. 

A common thread I bare witness to time and again in all of this work, is the lack of confianza. The lack of trust we have in ourselves, in our bodies, and in our intuition. It is one and the same, this trust. It is the ability to travel within and follow ourselves to gain knowledge. It is the radical ability to see a reproductive body as sovereign y sagrado to it's owner, trusting their self, and their intuition as the ultimate guide.       

We have been taught that knowledge about our body has to come from the formal, colonized, education system in order for it to be valid. That knowledge is confined to those with specific, expensive degrees, who have been taught to wield it as their power. The system is set up for us to take whatever they are willing to give us, sin preguntas.

In its current form, this information is not only inaccessible to the masses, it is fractured for everyone. It is fractured in both those who have access to it, and those who don't. Those with the specific, expensive degrees do not know how to trust their bodies any more than those without the degrees. And without the ability to gain knowledge through a deep trust in the body, in the self, in the intuition, we cannot fully heal ourselves or anyone else. This trust is a treasure and without it, our knowledge cannot be whole.

Without it, we will continue to have medical systems and laws based on the distrust of women and all people who can get pregnant. We will continue to use medicine to control the body rather than to empower it. We will continue to have people be violated as they traverse some of the most vulnerable and powerful times of their lives, leaving them lost and broken. We will continue to violate mother earth herself. Our lack of trust in the body, in the intuition, in the self, is reflected in the way we treat our Madre Tierra. The rhythms of mother earth are not trusted nor are they being followed. 

It is La Loba's work to unearth the buried bones of this trust. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but I feel it rising all the time. I use my intuition, my matriz, and the data that is accessible to me through my expensive degree to traverse the landscapes of government, hospitals, clinics, birth centers, homes, and individuals to dig up bits and pieces of this treasure. I ground my work in the data, and I make it accessible to everyone along the way. Whether I am teaching a class, conducting research,  mothering someone as they, themselves are born anew into parenthood, or I am empowering them to heal and reintegrate their sexuality after their journey of loss or birth, I am at once utilizing and teaching trust in the body, in the intuition, in the self. 

In the reproductive body, it is the womb, the matriz, that is the center of creation and the center of intuition. It is in this deep shadow of the body where our trust must be resurrected. 

La Loba Health & Empowerment is radical care grounded in data, elevated through intuition. #followyourmatriz