Photo by  Velizar Ivanov  on  Unsplash

Thank you for all your patience as I've been largely quiet these last few months. The business and my personal life have been in the process of initiating a large transition. We are moving out of Minneapolis, MN and into the Claremont/Pomona/Laverne area of Southern California beneath the San Bernardino mountains!

I have been so honored to be able to work with the individuals and families that I have since moving to the Twin Cities in 2013! From playing a small role in state policy for the integration of medical and mental health in this state to being present for some amazing births, profound losses, and incredible entries into parenthood, La Loba Health & Empowerment found its footing in the Twin Cities. Thank you for letting me serve and fight along side you for the sexual health and reproductive justice that our community deserves! 

This is not the last time you'll see me by any means. There are so many wonderful community partners and amazing projects that have been started! I will definitely be back around and in better form. 

Along with this physical move, La Loba is going to be undergoing its own philosophical transmutation! The business will be getting a more focussed mission and set of services, as well as a new name to embody! Not to worry, this shift will simply allow me to bring you more of what you love and what I am passionate about from what I already offer. 

By the end of August our family will be taking off on a 6-8 week road trip adventure to truly reconnect with nature and loved ones before settling in at our new destination near family. You can follow along on instagram as we and the business take on our new form. 

Con amor y lucha,