Support for people in the process of reproduction and planned or unplanned loss. I honor your journey and support your decisions. I try to keep this work sustainable for me and my family while providing sliding scale options to keep the services accessible to you and yours. 


Prenatal/Birth Support: Evidence-based and holistic education provided regarding pregnancy and birth. Emotional and physical support through labor and delivery, including soothing touch, gentle comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and yogic visualizations. Postpartum check up to support parents with resources regarding their health and the health of their baby. Creating sacred ceremony with you for your birth as appropriate for your culture and your desires. A typical prenatal package includes: 

  • A free consultation meeting where we can talk and make sure we are a good fit for one another.

  • 2 prenatal visits: The first is to gather a deeper health (mental and physical) history and explore the specific ways in which I may be of best support to you during your labor. And the second is to lead you through the process of designing a birth plan. In building the birth plan, I focus on both ceremony and medical options for your labor.

  • Ongoing email, text, and phone support during your pregnancy.

  • Labor and birth support.

  • One postpartum visit to process your birth and provide you with any additional resources you need.

Price is sliding scale:  $500 to $800. Visit our store to purchase.


Postpartum Services: Evidence-based and holistic education provided regarding your postpartum physical, emotional, and sexual health. Support processing your birth and preparing to move into parenthood with Mexican Traditional Medicine postpartum support as taught by Panquetzani of Indigemama. A typical package includes 5 postpartum visits.

The first 4 visits postpartum are representative of the cuatentena where many women in the familila would gather to care for the new mama and her baby over the first 40 days postpartum. These visits typically include: 

  • a vaginal steam

  • an herbal slap bath

  • an herbal oil massage

  • a closing of the hips (A Cerrar Las Caderas).

  • something nourishing such as bone broth, atole, tea, etc.

The last visit is a gentle private yoga and meditation session with some education on caring for your core and pelvic floor as taught by Lara Catone in Elemental Body™.  

Note: Some of the above services and education will differ depending on whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section. 

Price is sliding scale: $500-$800. Visit our store to purchase.


NOTE: If you would like to combine services for a Full Prenatal and Postpartum Support Package, prices will range from $800-$1,500. 

Support Through Miscarriage or Abortion: We will shape the full contents of this package together according to your individual needs and desires. Package includes 5 visits. Below are some of the possible service options. Location of services can be in your home, at your doctor’s appointment, or in my office. I am open to additional service requests.

  • Evidence based education about these processes.

  • Assistance planning for abortion.

  • Accompany you to doctor’s visit.

  • Support in your home as you experience natural miscarriage.

  • Support in your home as you experience medical abortion (medicine you receive from your health care provider).

  • Transportation to abortion or D and C.

  • Home visit after abortion or D and C.

  • 2 hour visit in my office to receive services.

  • Coaching support.

  • Homemade herbal teas to support your health.

  • Castor packs.

  • Baños vaginales.

  • Meal support: 1-3 homemade dishes such as

    • New Mexico Green Chile Stew

    • Blue Corn Atole

    • Frijoles y Arroz

    • Bone broth/ Caldo

  • Rebozo body work.

  • 1 session of a cerrar las caderas to close this process and open to the next step in your life.

  • Assistance organizing friends and family for additional support.

  • Text and email support included.

Price is sliding scale: $500-$800. Visit our store to purchase. 


Daniela was a calming, informative and reassuring presence before, during and after the birth of our son. We immediately felt a connection to her and knew she would be a wonderful guide on our pregnancy journey. She was warm, caring, intelligent and supportive not only to us but also to our birth mother. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a memorable and joyous birth. -Chuck & Bill

"I am a queer person who gave birth as a surrogate for a couple of dads. Daniela was nothing but respectful, kind, and caring. It meant so much for us to have someone who was comfortable with our situation and who would respect everyone's role in the birth and everyone's pronouns. Daniela provided all this with ease. My partner already wants to sign her up for when we have a baby together! She effortlessly went between supporting the dads and supporting me during the labor and birth. Although the birth was something all of us shared, it was obviously a different experience for me than it was for the dads, and Daniela knew how to best help everyone involved.

Working with Daniela was wonderful. She was exactly the support I needed. She helped both my partner and myself get through a long and difficult labor. She was pivotal in my birth experience being empowering and as I had hoped. My whole labor, she seemed to know what I needed better than I knew myself! She told me early on that the back-to-back contractions I was having sometimes go along with a posterior baby and she was absolutely right- the baby was posterior and I think she knew before anyone else did. She knew just the questions to ask to help me reflect on how labor was going and on my response to it. She was always right there just when I needed her. At a very difficult moment, she guided me through a meditation that helped me get back to being able to cope with my contractions. I went from crying out and feeling overwhelmed to getting through contractions quietly, just listening to her soothing voice and feeling grounded by the visualization she shared with me. I don't know how I could have gotten through that part of my labor without her. Then, under my midwife's supervision, she helped turn the baby from posterior to anterior and he was born about 20 minutes later! Daniela provided caring support and helped me stand up for my needs and wishes during the birth. I am so happy that we chose to work with her." -Julia