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Presenting for 2018 Annual Conference of Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives

  • Wood Lake Nature Center 6710 Lake Shore Drive South Minneapolis, MN, 55423 United States (map)
Daniela will be conducting the following workshop for the MCCPM 2018  Conference. 

Sexual Health Reintegration

Sexual health is a vital part of the birth process and it is essential to learn how to honor and integrate it before, during, and especially after pregnancy.  During the postpartum phase birthing people can easily become disconnected from their sexuality due to multiple societal influences on birth and parenthood. Simultaneously, they can be physically uncomfortable or in pain, in ways they weren’t expecting and don’t understand, due to birth injuries and the new daily movements of caring for an infant. Yet the postpartum time is a unique window where birthing people have the potential to come home to their sexual selves, their inner Eros in a whole new way.  It can also be a time of sexual drought and aggravation for new parents or it can be a time of sexual exploration and expansion for them. The time after birth is a very special territory that birthing people are not often prepared to navigate due to our societal structure around birth.  

As midwives you hold an invaluable position that can break the mold of the typical “get your body back” messaging aimed at them. You can replace it with an empowering philosophy for every body. This workshop will help you to spark crucial conversations with postpartum people, that are often glossed over by other providers, in this critical time of growth and transformation. Built on values of intersectionality and body positivity, this class aims to equip you with the knowledge you need as you inspire your clients to fully embody the next phase of their lives.