Workshops on sexual and reproductive health for birth workers and people in the process of reproduction and planned or unplanned loss. Additional workshops available upon request. current offerings include:

Holistic Sexual Health 101

This workshop will help ground and connect you with your own sexual health. It will open your mind to what your sexual health actually encompasses and all the ways it can be affected. It will connect you to the deep wisdom your body holds both in it’s physical construction and in its natural rhythms. Through tapping into modern maps and ancestral medicine, we aim to construct a decolonized view of sexual health.

Constructing decolonized views of sexual health is important for everyone of every race and ethnicity because it allows us to begin seeing through the layers of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism that the United States was built upon and that filter the our perspectives every day. It has the potential to help us create new pathways for justice and revolution. And it can empower us to connect to ourselves, the earth, spirit, and one another in ways that we never have before.

Learning decolonized views of sexual health is especially critical for indigenous people, black people, and all people of color (IBPOC) as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) folks because ancestral knowledge can serve to build resilience and resistance to the daily violence and oppression that is encountered by these populations. In these communities there is an extensive history of the church and state violating and shaming our bodies. This violence and shame has been internalized and it is still playing out today in both subtle and overt ways.

Holistic Cesarean Recovery

This workshop is filled with all the things I wish I had known before my two unplanned c-sections. You’ll find out new things about your body and it’s healing processes. You’ll gain tools to help your body physically heal. And you’ll experience psychosomatic exercises that will help you to follow your matriz to further integrating your birth experience. And you’ll be doing all of this in a wonderful community of people who will let you know that you’re not going through this alone.

This offering is about where you are on your healing journey and where you would like to take yourself. I am here to give you the tools that you need and the space that you deserve. Learning how to truly heal a C-section has been both a personal and professional journey for me. If you want to read more about my experiences, you can do so in the anthology, My Cesarean: 21 Mothers on the C-Section Experience and After. I am impassioned to ensure that you have the information and support you need to find wholeness!


Sexual health is a vital part of the birth process an it is essential to learn how to honor and integrate it before, during, and especially after pregnancy. During the postpartum phase birthing people can easily become disconnected from their sexuality due to multiple societal influences on birth and parenthood. Simultaneously, they can be physically uncomfortable or in pain in ways they weren’t expecting and don’t understand due to birth injuries and the new daily movements of caring for an infant.

The postpartum time is a unique window where birthing people have the potential to come home to their sexual selves, their inner eros in a whole new way. It can be a time of sexual drought and aggravation for new parents or it can be a time of sexual exploration and expansion for them. The time after birth is a very special territory that birthing people and their partners are not often prepared to navigate due to our societal structure around birth. This workshop will introduce you and your partner to a whole new way to approach sex after birth.

Birth workers hold an invaluable position that can break the mold of the typical “get your body back” messaging aimed at birthing people. You can replace this messaging with an empowering philosophy for every body. This workshop will help you to spark crucial conversations with postpartum people that are often glossed over by other providers, in this critical time of growth and transformation. Built on values of intersectionality and body positivity, this class aims to equip you with the knowledge you need as you inspire your clients to fully embody the next phase of their lives.

Embodied Social Justice in Sexual & Reproductive Health Leadership

We have an amazing set of tools at our disposal that will help us to embody social justice on every level. Our patients deserve self-aware practitioners who are able to monitor their own biases, privileges, and traumas. We deserve to be able to protect ourselves, have tough conversations, and use our voice to make a difference in the work place. This workshop will reveal the wisdom that is ready and waiting for us within.

Our body’s wisdom is highly neglected in our colonized, capitalistic, modern society. But in sexual and reproductive health we know that the body is far more intelligent that we give it credit. In this workshop you will learn more about how you can tap into that wisdom on a daily basis. Your body and your patient’s body are always talking to you. Learn a new ways to listen in this class that brings together nervous system knowledge, social justice, and sexual and reproductive health to ensure that you provide services that are more socially just and more trauma informed.

Prices for workshops generally range from $30-$100.